Tinker Board 2 Compatibility

I would like to ask Volumio could be installed on Tinker Board 2 & Tinker Board 2S.
To use enhanced hardware feature(e.g. bluetooth 5) I want to install it on Tinker Board 2.

Is the Tinker Board 2 already on sale?

Tinkerboard 2 uses a different soc, RK3399 vs RK3288 on the current one.
Due to lack of demand, there is no community image yet to download for any RK3399-based device.

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Bad news. however,
Is it possible to build own custom image to support RK3399 by myself ?

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Sure, have a look at GitHub - volumio/Build: Buildscripts for Volumio System

But still don’t see this board available at the usual stores - could you share a link?

Why not.

Hmm, saw that release a while back as well, but can’t find the board in any of their stores from the Tinker Board section…
But hey if you already have it then great! :slight_smile:
This might help with the porting…
Introduction - Volumio Documentation

I bought this from aliexpress. becuase of ALIEXPRESS
I am very suspicious if this is real.
Anyway, I attached pic of it

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another picture

This seems legit.
We don’t have plans to support it yet. But I will contact ASUS to receive a sample and some info

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Thank you, Mr. Volumio.
What a powerful hardware !!! Hope to support it.

I am curious, how much did you pay for it? In EU we don’t have any prices yet…

Around $100 USD.