time zone settings and more diagnostic output

  1. since I haven’t found something suitable settings in the Volumio settings menu to change the time zone of Volumio, it could be useful to manually change time and/or time zone. Volumio uses always UTC and with every new Volumio installation I have to to enter “dpkg-reconfigure tzdata” manually to change to CET or MET as time zone

  2. As far as I can see, errors (e.g. due to wrong settings) from the settings will only cause a short red notification in the upper right corner of the Web browser. Maybe it would be useful to enable temporary debug output for errors or other messages somewhere to /var/log/


I recently opened up a PR adding the plumbing for the timezone settings in the Backend - github.com/volumio/Volumio2/pull/1971
Following that, we can have a setting in the “First run” wizard for this.

For debuging - journalctl -u volumio.service logs all output from the backend. You can follow the logs with -f as usual.

ok, thanks. This sounds really good