Tidal track radio

There’s an useful feature in the native Tidal app, named Track radio. It seeks for similar tracks in Tidal database to the selected one, plays them, and finally creates a new playlist which can be saved by the user. I investigated Tidal API : there’s a method for that there, but by some reason it’s not implemented in Volumio Tidal plugin. This plugin seems to be proprietary, I haven’t found its sources to fix. I’d like to see this feature in Volumio.

There’s also similar thing in the native concerned with a whole playlist : after it ends, Tidal app continues to play with it’s own suggested tracks, and do it quite well in last releases. This is also needed feature.

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I’d also like to suggest this feature.

Using the Tidal app and playing artist or track radio works well, as does the autoplay feature when an album/playlist ends.

The Volumio/Tidal interface has been receiving some attention lately, so now is the perfect time to add a feature like this.

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I would suggest this feature together with Artist radio (with the option to select Master only like the native Tidal client).