Tidal stuttering


Just bought a allo digione and I am absolutely in love with it. Volumio works like a charm too! Or it did yesterday… Everything worked well with tidal integration, including master files. Bought a year subscription on MyVolumio and the Volumio app immediately.

Now the next day, every song stutters :frowning: . In masters is it much more common (within 10 seconds), but is happens on all files eventually (non masters after 30 seconds). Every once in a while the bug seems to be gone, just to return a few songs later. EDIT: replication on normal songs is quite hard after disabling WIFI (luckily :slight_smile: ), but on master files it happens almost always within 20 seconds (especially 48 khz songs).

I reset my router, no changes. I disabled wifi (cable is connected), no change. I tried all buffer sizes (2-12 mb and 10-40% buffer size), no change.

The problem also seems to be apparent in internet radio, although the sound doesn’t stutter but it pauses for a very short while (1 second)

So happy with volumio and digione in general, I hope this can be fixed!


(Volumio 2.703, Raspberry Pi 3b+, 120 Mbps internet)

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After a few restarts I got this error:

Please connect Allo DigiOne to the unit or select a different output device from playback options

I didn’t get this error before and I have no clue if this is connected (just trying to provide some more info)

The player does seem to work though (I only have audio connected to the digione board coaxial output)

Is there any port forwarding that might help?

Log file:


After a couple of changes (amongst the ones in the first post like going cabled vs wifi and doing an software update) I cannot reproduce the stuttering in normal quality songs in Tidal. I am not sure if this fixed anything or if this is just by chance, since I listened last night for 3 hours without any problems… (listened for around 10 songs right now). Master files still stutter though (esp 48khz).

I will shut up now, please let me know if any more info is usefull!

Last update:

I just listened for about 2 hours, mostly flac tracks, but also some high res tracks. No problems whatsoever. I changed nothing since I had the last couple of stutters…

The log posted above was however shortly after a stutter if that helps!

Stuttering happens usually for lack of bandwith, the erratic nature of your issue suggest that maybe your internet bandwith was somehow used by something else (video streaming on another device?). My 2 cents

Thank you for your reply.

Sadly I don’t think this was the case. I did multiple speedtests after stutters (not during) and I had a very stable 120 Mbps (fiber) every time. 120 Mbps should be plenty for a high res song on tidal AFAIK. Additionally, I was the only person home at that time.

Tidal states 1-2 Mbps should be enough to buffer MQA on Tidal.
support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/arti … nology-FAQ

It is ofc possible my router was doing some weird stuff, but even a reset of the router didn’t fix the issue. I will test further when the issue occurs again. Is there anything you would like me to test if it happens again?