Tidal plays hi-res files only at 24bit/48kHz

Although the source file at Tidal is 24bit-96kHz volumio plays or shows 24bit-48kHz. Flac or any other file that is played from harddisk plays as it is but Tidal files seems to be limited.
Tidal Volumio.jpg


It’s happening the same with me… There’s some workaround for that?

Well, we even talk to Volumio team face to face during Munich High End show, it was a very friendly and open talk. I know that they are working on it but so far no solutions. Probably it is not in priority list although I believe it is pretty important.

Hi Guys,
this is because you’re playing TIDAL Masters album, which in Volumio (since we have MQA enabled) it’s streamed in MQA, which has a different samplerate.
I believe the solution will be allowing non-mqa users to be able to toggle MQA support. We will ask TIDAL if thats possible.

For the moment, you can try to stream non Master’s albums (every album has a master and a non-masters version).

Let me know

Hi Sir,

Is there a 1st unfolding of the Tidal Master albums? My DAC need a 1st unfold by the player.