Tidal Only Playing One song on playlist

This is a recurring fault which i did not notice before
Updated both my Pi3 to the latest version and have a suvmbscription to Superstar
Problem is there ia problem with the playback of a playlist on Volumio
This happens both in the app which is worse and slightly less random when i play Tidal straight from the Volumio platform
I have lookes online some say it is Android but i it happened of my PC laptop too.
If this is a Tidal issue i will just not use it until it is functional I just dont want to start fiddling around if it is already broken .
Can anyone else confirm this is happening to them

I have this problem if I listen to Tidal in the car via iPhone and CarPlay.

Thanks for the input doesnt siund likevit could just be the android app

I have the exact same problem. It will only play one song and then the tidal app starts spinning and nothing. It doesn’t do this with my Chromecast audio so its looking like a volumio problem.

Thanks thought it was me
I have a good broadvand connection so can rule that out
It does seem to be a volumio fault

Not sure if it’s just coincidence but I seen there was a volumio update this morning that mentioned tidal. Tried a couple of different playlists through the tidal app on my android phone and it seems to be working ok now.

Thanks for your reply much appreciated
I will update later and hopefulky that will be it

I’m not too sure it is fixed. It just happened again. I could move it onto the next song ok though through the app. Frustrating

It is a pain
Hopefully therexwill be a fix soon

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Seems to work now after latest update
Fingers crossed hope it worjs for everyone .