Tidal not showing

Tidal is not showing in Browse after reboot…Always after volumio reboot i must logout and login then tidal is in Browse visible.

Rpi 2B, Volumio 2.565

I have exactly the same problem !!!
Rpi 2B, PiFi DAC+ V2.0, Volumio 2.565

We are working to fix it in this new release due this weekend

@michelangelo thanks!!! :wink:

Sadly the latest update broke tidal completely for me; it was working fine before. Now, it is still shown, as before, but I can’t play the music or even search.

Bad to hear that. Please let us know:

  • Which device are you using?
  • Are you logged into MyVolumio on the WebUI?
  • Are you on Virtuoso or superstar plan?
  • From your MyVolumio profile, do you see your device in the device list and is it enabled?
  • Where are you located?

4xRPi3B+ and they are behaving differently. One “recovered” after some time and a power cycle, one doesn’t have this issue at all and on two tidal still doesn’t work
Yes, I am logged in to my Volumio
Superstar plan
All four are shown and enabled in webUI

Thanks for your help

Edit: After a few more restarts and power cycles Tidal again doesn’t work on the first RPi but works on the remaining 3. Go figure…

Are you on the same TIDAL account?
It might be that you’ve reached out the max concurrent logins you can do on TIDAL on different devices.

Try this. Turn them all off.
Then turn one on, and see if works. Do it repeatedly.
If it always works then it means that TIDAL does not allow all 4 of them connected at the same time

Well, I mostly only use one rpi/tidal at a time, so this probably can’t be an issue. I will test if I can have all 4 streaming from tidal at the same time, though, since you made me curious.
And in other news the problem with tidal fixed itself, so all is well for now.


Same problem with 2.575 I have lost it in previous upgrades before ,but found it from Mymusic so I can log in or log out . Now after this upgrade Ican not find anywhere and anything according Tidal ?? It was native before ??

RG 56

Are you on Virtuoso or superstar plan?
Login into myvolumio on your device UI, then go to your profile, you should see your device enabled there

Let me know


I’m on Volumio 2.586 - latest to the date and I’m on Virtuoso plan activated on my device. Despite that I see “To see Streaming Services you must have MyVolumio…” in the My Music tab.

It’s nothing new, I already had such problem once and “Delete User Data” helped, but sorry I’m not paying for Virtuoso just to Delete User Data every week or so. Please fix this as I see problem is neither new or shows up only for me.


The latest release should have fixed the issue for good.
If it’s not the case for you. Please do this so we can finally fix it for good:

We want to fix it for good, but this is very hard to track down… sorry


I’m on newest version for a few days now and everything seems to be working great. I’m terribly sorry for being a bit rude, I must have been annoyed by the problem :slight_smile:.

Hope the problem won’t show up in the future, but if it will I’ll log as you described.



The problem appeared again after restart of the device. I just have sent log as described in the post above.


Hi, sorry to hear that again. Can you please paste your log link and send it over via email?
Paste the log link into an email sent to info at volumio dot org

I think that, myvolumio is not ready as a paid program…because every single month users has a some problems…

Hello MichelAngelo,

I already did it - I sent email on 19.06.2019 with short description of a problem and of course link to the log I’ve created. Did you received that?

Well… you’re kind of right, but I have a bit different attitude towards that. I’ve been using Volumio distros for about 2 years for FREE, so when there’s way to monthly support developers by relatively small amount then I’m more than OK with it.
What’s more, the only rough edge I’ve experienced so far is with Tidal integration. Granted, it’s a bit PITA when it stops working, but thanks to MyVolumio account restoring everything is not that time consuming - usually I’m up and running in 10 minutes (including activation of my own scripts for LCD display and buttons).

To sum it up:
I’m glad that I can contribute with small payments, but I really expect those problems to be solved in the future :slight_smile:.



Another update…turns out that my ISP is kind of lame and they’re doing something with the internet packets that prevent MyVolumio to properly log in.
After talking with IT friend he suggested lowering MTU as he had idea about some of the frames being cut by my ISP.
I’ve lowered MTU to the 1400 (from default 1500) on my raspberry and now everything seems to be working fine. I’ve tried rebooting to test if it works after that and after 3 reboots every single time MyVolumio and Tidal works.

As a quick workaround I’ve added one line to the /etc/rc.local
“ifconfig eth0 mtu 1400”

which sets mtu for my ethernet connection to 1400 every time after reboot. Maybe it’s not the most elegant solution, but it works.

Once again I’ll report after some time if it stays ok.