Tidal no more visibile as source (Virtuoso)

Hi, I have a Virtuoso annual subscription. I used it mainly for Tidal.
Today I noticed I can’t no more see Tidal in the list of sources. In my profile the subscription results still valid, however in settings > sources instead of having Tidal settings there’s written Start free trial. (Actually I’m using the app in Italian, the english text could be different).
My device is correctly activated in the device list.
I’m using Volumio 2.861 on Raspberry PI4.
Thanks in advance for your support.

Can you write us to support at volumio dot org ?
We will better help you from there


Sure! Is this the right form?


Yes! Or you can mail directly to support at volumio dot org


I am facing the same issue where no Device is registered nor showing Tidal Option, I opened a ticket via Zendesk a weeek ago (SupportID1798), but still haven’t got a reply yet.

Meanwhile I found my issue:
It appears that i had to cathegorize “database.volumio.cloud” in my Proxy as this website is “Uncategorized” in Global URL reputation.
This Cloud Service (apperarently hosted on Google Cloud) seem responsible for managing registered devices.
Once done, I was able to see that my device is registered, where then i could saw “Tidal” as service to configure.