Tidal no longer available

Michelangelo, during the time I lost Tidal and plug ins, I was able to surf and connect to google without any issues. I have no idea why enabling the ping www.google.com was necessary to get back Tidal and the plug ins but it did. 5 hours of tidal streaming today!!! Very happy.

It’s a mistery to me as well.
I am noticing that an unusually high number of people is reporting this, randomly. I suspect it has something to do with the domain name and DNS resolution, but I am out of clues…

If it helps, I found that Qobuz would sometimes not be able to stream music or take a very long time to start. I changed DNS settings from my default provider to OpenDNS and everything has been perfect since then. I made the changes in the Volumio DNS section.

How do I change the dns servers on volumio, I have commented the automatic dns from my router from/etc/rezolv.conf, but at reset appear again.

I don’t have it available right now, but it’s somewhere in the Network settings.

Same set up as you. Allo Signature and Aires II Dac with Bluejeans coax.
Love it.

Streaming Tidal with Volumio usb to Ares II OS/SLOW into Freya plus with tubes …amazing.

Have you ever compared the spidf implementation vs the usb implementation in the Ares II DAC?

I’m wondering which one is best for sound quality

Hi Klavius,
let us be careful not to hijack this thread… :innocent:
I do use spdif with my cd player vs usb for streaming. With an identical recording, CD vs Tidal, I really can not tell the difference, but if I move one of the speakers by 1/16" of an inch I do notice a shift. My point is that a lot of us focus on the wrong thing sometimes when there are bigger factors which we should be optimizing first, like room, speaker and LP placement, etc…I am still changing speaker position after 9 months…1 small micron at a time. :star_struck:

my tidal does not work in volumio although it shows logged in