Tidal jumping track and Spotify disconecting


I have 2 issues with Volumio.


I’ve seen that in some long tracks it simply jumps to next song not completing the one that’s currently playing. What can I do to fix it?

Spotify connect 2

When I’m casting from the app to spotify plugin after a while it disconects, the plugin keeps playing with what it has in the history while the App in the phone is indicating a different track.

Please you help to fix the issues.

Have the same issue on Tidal. Tracks do not have to be long in my case. I also get a lot of errors, unresponsive buttons (play, add to queue, etc…). The only way I can play tracks from Tidal is to manually add them to the queue (whenever that works).

The Spotify Connect daemon is directly in contact with Spotify’s servers, updating it’s state and fetching new songs. This is unlike Chrome cast, where your phone is actively forwarding content to the device.

If you notice this from the lock screen, then sometimes the app (at least on Android) doesn’t update the currently playing track when Spotify isn’t the active app. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can do anything about.

I have chromecast and if I go outside with my phone, the music it is not stopped
. IPhone continously send music to airplay device… Or am I wrong…

Chromecast is not supported by Volumio as far as I know - it was just an example.
Basically Chromecast/Airplay streams data from your mobile device to Volumio. So if you phone switches off/disconnects from the internet, so will the music.

Spotify Connect is different - it is a full client that connects to Spotify’s servers directly. Similar to how if you open Spotify on your desktop and phone, you can see and control/play music on both clients. If one leaves the network, the other will still play.

EDIT: Chromecast officially supports Spotify connect so it probably also implements a full client. But the basic cast protocol streams data from your phone…

I use cca to listen qobuz. I use native qobuz app and cast to cca. If I go out with my phone for 3 hours the music continues to play… Once cca is conected it does not need the phone… But in airplay the cast is done: net ___ iPhone__airplay device all the time.

Interesting, my experience was based on Chromecast with the netflix app. But I just looked this up again - and your are indeed correct Chromecast Audio with Qobuz is streaming directly, with your phone app being the controller.

In fact, this is the Qobuz app (for iOS or Android) that includes a protocol compatible with Google Cast, which is used in the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, and allows it to link up to them, and other devices using Google Cast (like Sony or LG or other upcoming products).

In this case, we refer to this procedure as remote playback, as it is the Chromecast (or another Google Cast device) that streams Qobuz, the tablet or smartphone being used only as a remote in this case.

I had the jump track thing last night using Qobuz / Volumio!
It went onto the next track in the playlist.
I returned it manually to the first track, same point and played on without problems.
No other tracks did it afterwards.

I recently started experiencing skips with Tidal connect.

My pi is wired to my home network, and connected to my DAC via coax spdif.

I have attached a screen shot of the System Information Plugin probe.

Let me know if I should try to grab logs during the next time it skips.