Tidal interface

Are there instructions on how to work Tidal into Volumio primo? I am totally lost. I click ‘add to queue’ ‘play’, etc…and sometime stuff works, other times nothing happens. What the hell am I doing wrong?
Raspberry Pi4 as a server.

Hi shumi,

I personally don’t use Tidal (so am not the best to advise), but I understand that the Tidal interface is undergoing work to improve the user experience. Hopefully an actual Tidal user may well be able to give you a bit more “hands on” advice.

Much appreciated, but I would appreciate feedback from Volumio. I did pay for the Virtuoso plan. This Tidal interface is just nuts. No instructions. I click what appear to be active buttons but nothing happens. racks stop playing in the middle of it and then another one starts. I would really like to know when a new Tidal Interface will be available.

Title of the thread should have been “Tidal Interface sucks the big one!!!”.
Experiencing more glitches as I go…

  • tracks stopping midstream
  • buttons show active (green) but often times do not work. Sometimes you have to double click, other times you can million click, nothing happens.
  • adding tracks to queue sometimes you get immediate feedback that track is being added, other times nothing. You keep on clicking hoping to hit the lottery and then find out Volumio did add it a million times , other times nothing.
  • sometimes you can immediately play a track by clicking play, other times no matter how much you hit play, nothing happens. Sometimes you can look at a track and it starts playing without clicking anything.
  • sometimes you get red tag with Error for no reason.
    How the hell did this interface pass through scrutineering?

Cancel your Volumio plan and use an alternative

Try to get an old Chromecast audio, it has no better audio quality than a Digione but works excellent casting from the Tidal App.