Tidal integration not honoring quality settings


I just started the trial period of MyVolumio with the intent of using the Tidal integration and have been having problems.

I use and Allo USBridge Sig to feed a 16 bit R2R dac over usb. I have put the settings to lossless, which I assume is the equivalent of Tidal HiFi aka 16/44, since there’s also an high res option in Volumio. However albums that are Tidal Masters are still streamed in high res. A lot of new albums only come up as Masters but are streamable in 16/44 through settings. Running an iPad directly to the dac also works as expected. Albums that are not marked as Masters stream in 16/44 with no problems using Volumio. See picture below.

Everything works fine if I stream it using the Tidal app set to HiFi over Airplay.

Even if I turn down quality settings to High in Volumio it plays but I get some weird information. It then says it’s 32/44. Since I’m a new user I was not allowed to post more than one picture, so no screenshot of this.

What is going on here? How do I set Volumio to only pull the 16/44 version of the album?

Hi, we are revamping the TIDAL integration and in the next integration we’ll make a better job of honoring quality settings (which is currently somehow erratic due to MQA streaming being always on).
Can you give examples of which album you are playing, what is the result you’re getting with Volumio and which result you’re having with IPAD directly to DAC?

This seems to be happening to all albums marked as Masters.

The ones I’ve been currently playing is:
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Orphée
Butcher Brown - #KingButch
Gregory Porter - All Rise (Deluxe)

In Volumio with Tidal integration set to Lossless it starts at 16/44 for the fraction of a second according to the info in the track box and then switches to 24/48 as per the above image. With Tidal integration set to High, everything plays but the information in the track box says 32/44 on all tracks.

Some information in the settings of what each quality setting is representing would be appreciated. Or named according to Tidals naming.

On my iPad over usb directly to the dac from the Tidal app set to HiFi setting everything works fine an is fed in 16/44 to the dac.

The same on my iPad on Tidal app set to HiFi over Airplay to Volumio works fine and uses 16/44.

I have now tried it with my Audioquest Dragonfly Black which works fine and has its blue light on indicating that it is 24/48 that is streaming.