Tidal has disappeared from sources when I restarted Volumio

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.874
Hardware:, Rpi 4 usb out
DAC: SMSL su-9

Tidal has vanished from the sources and all plugins under Search Plugins options have disappeared. Can anyone help!


@balbuze @gkkpch it seems that some parts of volumio could not connect to your volumio :

https://google.com: OK
https://www.googleapis.com: OK
https://securetoken.googleapis.com: FAILED
https://myvolumio.firebaseio.com: OK
https://functions.volumio.cloud: FAILED
https://oauth-performer.dfs.volumio.org: OK
http://cddb.volumio.org: OK
https://functions.volumio.cloud: FAILED
http://pushupdates.volumio.org: OK
http://plugins.volumio.org: FAILED
https://database.volumio.cloud: FAILED
https://radio-directory.firebaseapp.com: OK
WARNING!!! Some remote endpoints cannot be reached!
Failing endpoints: 

Thanks DVO,

I apologise but I am not very tech savvy and don’t understand what this means. What can I do to fix it?


it means that you could not connect to some parts that you need to load your volumio
i would try a reboot and look if it’s comming back otherwise the guys of volumio have to look at the service that looks down …

Thanks for the reply. Tried a reboot and a factory reset and nothing changed so I guess it is Volumio.

they are checking the services right now… soon we will have it back …

Should be ok now :relaxed:

3.015 doesn’t show search plugins

Description="'search plugin'\''s doesn'\''t show up'"`

3.010 is Oke

Sorry I meant plugins

no plugin’s in search any more so i will jump over to a other image 3.015 is not the way to go…