Tidal favourite artists missing, Qobuz not working at all

Volumio Information

DAC: minidsp SHD


I’m having issues with Volumio (web) when using it to control my minidsp SHD
Issues in Tidal> I can`t see all my artists list saved in my favourites. It looks like there is a limitation as the list of favourite artists stop after letter “P” for some reason.

Issues in Qobuz> this one is stranger to understand, I make a search, I find the artist or album and when I click the song list is empty, so I can’t play any so song. I can only play Qobuz suggestions, play lists, etc… but nothing else.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and support, if you need more details please let me know.

Regards, Nuno

No one ?

If not clear, let me know. In the meantime I completely abandoned Volumio as it doesn’t work at all in my application / set up. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong.


Have you tried a recent version with the new implementation for Qobuz and Tidal?

Hi Nuno, we are about to relase a much improved version of TIDAL and QOBUZ implementation…
I would suggest to try the new one as soon as we release it as it will fix all those issues

Hi Balbuze

Im new to Volumio. I’m using the web interface with my SHD studio. Do you have an idea how to update it to a new version ? I took this printscreen below (hope it works). It says I have the latest version but I don’t know it that is Volumio or something else.



Thx for the feedback, I shared an image in my previous message with the printcreen of my current version. Do you know when this new version will be released ?

Thx, Nuno

This version will be released this week

I know that is is off topic but is there a way to increase the album art size when I listen to qobuz? It is just to small or how to decrease the 2 circles and increase the album art size… I can do it locally if it is possible via a config file…
Is in plan to change the gui when a song is played in order to be more appropriate to phone app…

Don’t know for the app, but in webbrowser it looks like

I use a 4.3 dsi inch display and is like this

Can I have here the same layout like in web browser?

I like more the classic gui, much easier to interact.


Any updates ?
I still can’t see any artist saved in my favourites in Tidal after letter “P”… and I still have many.

Qobuz I search for an artist, I get a result, click on the artist and no albums are displayed at all.

Once again, I’m using minidsp SHD studio with the volumio Web interface so I don’t even know what I have to update, the minidsp version says I have the latest available.


Once the new TIDAL and QOBUZ implementations (just released today) are declared stable, we will issue an update also for MiniSDP.
Hopefully it will take not more than one month (we want to make sure everything works well before releasing it)


I will check it in Tidal.
In Qobuz, this is a pity as I was evaluating the possibility to subscribe Qobuz as well and was using a 30 days trial period ending early December, not sure I will be able to test it on time.