Tidal disappeared

No Tidal…Seems to be an ongoing issue, is/was there a fix for this? I’m using a PecanPi and MyVolumio Virtuoso subscription.


Hi @marksas,

sometimes a MyVolumio reconnect (stop / start) or a reboot of the device helps in this situation. I also saw this effect a few times. Last time when I changed from “Virtuoso” to “Superstar”. A reboot was healthy.

May be a restart of the server side MyVolumio service could be the reason sometimes?

Anyway - a reliable automatic reconnect to MyVolumio and to the streaming services (Tidal, Quobuz, Hiresaudio, … and things to come) would be nice.


Thanks Robert I’ll try that. What’s interesting is that this happened after I unplugged the unit from my office desktop, brought it home and set it up in my main system.

Well that was easy, a hard restart (unplug) of the Pi seems to have did the trick, Tidal now active again, thanks!

You’re welcome - I’m always happy when I’m able to help. :slight_smile:

The other half of the problem is you must be signed out of your Tidal on all your devices even if you have a multiuser accounts.