Tidal Connect very unstable

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.903
Hardware: Raspi 3 B+
DAC: Hifiberry DAC Plus

I have been having this issue since Tidal Connect went GA. It will connect to my Win10 app right after a fresh restart of Volumio and at random intervals, the connection dies. It happened again this morning and I sent the log finally.


Thanks for any help.

Thanks to you for reporting. This version is a beta, with an improved tc version. Since the changes are a lot, it helps to know what goes wrong. We are working to fix it

No worries. I switched to the beta to see if things had stabilized. I appreciate all the work you all do and am sure it will get fixed.


Thsnks for your support.
One question which can help : which tidal tier do you have?

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Just Premium for now.

Thanks! Useful for our tests

Hi @IrishMLK,

I have tried to reproduce your issue, but i am not seeing the same as in your logs. I think this could be related to your network connection.

If that is not the issue then please tell me what plugins / mods you are using.

I purposely have not installed any plugins / mods after factory resetting the device. I will try it over wifi and see if the problem persists.