Tidal connect master quality jumps mqa to pcm

Hi, hope someone can help me out on this one.

During playing master tracks in volumio tidal connect the quality jumps from mqa to pcm and back , result pops and ticks during the tracks
Volume is set to 100 and Ive tried all my settings on my dac (gustard x16) and changed/swapped my usb cable

Does anyone has any idea what to change more?
In volumio i changed allready some settings but no result so far.

Everything is wired, fast internet and stable…
But not my master tracks,

Regards Henk

Dear Henk,

Please send a log after the issue occurs
To save log link:

Go to IPofVOLUMIO/dev—->click on SEND LOG—->copy html link to the clipboard and send it to techsupport at Volumio dot org

Thank you!