Tidal Connect is not playing "Attempting to initialize a decoder without initial data!"


I don’t get any sound when using Tidal Connect, but I see the song playing in Volumio.
Tidal and local files isn’t any problem.

My setup:
Volumio: 3.165 (2.917 has same issue)
Platform: RPi 4 4GB
USB DAC: Audiolab M-DAC+
Connection: WiFi

I have tried every fix I’ve been able to find, but none of them help.

In /dev/ Live Log I get error:
[2021-12-07 18:24:37.547] [tisoc] [warning] [logger.cpp:22] [audio_worker.cpp:326] Attempting to initialize a decoder without initial data!

Thanks for reporting!
@mervinio will have a look and help!

Same issue here
RPi3 with HifiBerry DAC2HD
Did a fresh install with a new SD-Card
Updated to 3.175, but Tidal connect is still not working.

Virtuoso subscription.