Tidal connect and Kali reclocker buffering issue (maybe?)

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: Rasp Pi 3b with Kali reclocker
DAC: Generic PCM5122 and miniSHARC DSP

Just subscribed to Virtuoso so I can use Tidal Connect. Installed to my main system that has a Rpi with Kali reclocker feeding a miniSHARC DSP/crossover via I2S. All seemed fine however when I pause a track there is a 1-2 second repeat of the last part of the track before the pause. This will continue indefinitely, only way to stop it is continue play or reboot.

I then took out the Kali and installed between another Rpi 3B and a generic Rpi hat dac with a PCM5122, I used HifiBerry DAC+ Pro as my USB DAC type. Doing this will eliminate the miniSHARC as a cause and simplify testing.
Using this setup playing NAS tracks via Volumio is fine. Using the squeezelite plugin was fine for both NAS and Tidal (this is the LMS Tidal integration, not Tidal connect). The only thing that shows the problem is using Tidal Connect through Volumio. Removing the Kali - all was well.

Anybody had similar issue? Given the newness of Tidal connect and that there won’t be a lot of Kali users out here I may be the first.

Any help appreciated.