Tidal and second volumio streamer


I have TIDAL. I’m on my trial period but so far I’m not happy with paying for such a buggy system.

I built 2 raspberry pi zero w streamers with Pimoroni Audio Pirate DACs. Istallation was nice and easy, both work with a single pi turned on at a time in the TIDAL app.

The volumio app SOMETIMES plays music from TIDAL. Tidal app connects to volumio but only one volumio appears. This is the same on desktop and the android volumio app. It SOMETIMES helps to have TIDAL open and connected to volumio but I don’t see why this should be necessary.

Spotify works a dream through the Volumio app, but I’m doing all this to get CD quality sound which Spotify don’t yet supply! I also really like TIDAL supporting musicians more than Spotify.

From the blurb on the volumio website, my understanding is that I can create zones in different rooms in my house (2) and play the same music or different music in them. I can’t connect to both at the same time.

I enjoy the fiddling around project based nature of Volumio, but as soon as the monthly subscription comes into play I feel the service needs to be much more user friendly. Please help!