Tidal , adding tracks and/or album to Favorites menu

we can to this with Spotify , but with Tidal , we can’t . When i wanna add a track with “add to playlist” feature, we see Favorites in the list but we can’t choose it , only our homemade list.

  1. Tidal
    Tidal is a free, open-source music streaming app. Its aim is to provide a simple interface and intuitive navigation, without sacrificing performance and functionality. It works with any device, mobile or desktop; no plugins, no downloads, just plug in, play!
  2. Add Tracks
    Add tracks to your favorite list using the + button at the top right corner. You can find them under the ‘Favorite’ tab.
  3. Album
    The albums tab displays your current collection of albums. Clicking on the title of an album takes you directly to the artist’s profile page. If you want to add the album to your favorites, click on the star icon in the middle of the album cover. This brings up the options dialog where you can choose between adding the album to your favorites or removing it.
  4. Favorite
    You can access your personal favorites page to manage your favorites, create new ones, and edit existing ones. To view your favorites, click on ‘Favorites’. You can remove favorites by clicking on the trashcan icon (white background) next to their name. Or, if you want to add them back to your favorites, simply select the star icon again. Clicking on ‘New Favorite’ opens up the options dialog to allow you to set the time period over which the album should be considered for automatic addition to your favorites.
  5. Playlists
    Click on the playlist tab to view your playlists. Create your own playlist by dragging songs from your library onto the playlist area. To delete a playlist, click on the trash can icon (white background). To reorder a playlist, drag its position to the desired spot. Clicking on the plus sign (+) adds the song to the end of the list. Clicking on the minus (-) removes it.
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Where did you get those info from? TIDAL is not free and everything else is not true… If you got that from our doc this is something we need to fix

TIDAL required that when we add one song of TIDAL to Favourite or Playlists, it can be added only to TIDAL favourites, not Volumio’s.