Thx & greetings from Germany


my name is Marco and I’m from Cologne/Germany.

I’m a huge music lover since I was a child. I’m 38 years old and as a profession I’m a full stack Java Developer (Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.).

Over the years I equipped my whole appartement with Sonos players but I’m also very interested in building something similar on my own, based on open source software and using older components/speakers.

My main interest is a multiroom system with focus on Spotify, web radios and a little bit of local music files (from a NAS).

First of all I wanted to thank the whole Volumio Team and contributors. You did (and still do) a fantastic job!

I tested a lot of different tools the last days and weeks (Mopidy, Max2Play, Pi Musicbox etc.) but Volumio 2 just worked out of the box with such a beauty web interface and great UX!

What I already achieved is getting two Volumio instances to work with local music, web radio, Airplay, Spotify (local) and Spotify connect. I also played around with Snapcast in order to get synchronized multiroom audio and everything works except Spotify. Hopefully there will be a solution soon.

Hi Marco,

Welcome to the forums, this week I update the snapcast plugin (fixed some intermittent crashing problems), you should be good to go :wink: