There is no Skill Volumio in Alexa

The list of benefits of the Virtuoso payment service informs that I can connect Alexa with Volumio, but the Skill does not really exist, at least in my country Spain. How do I activate this service that I am paying?

Best Regards

Unfortunately, as you stated, we have not translated Alexa skill in spanish. But we can do it. Please contact us at info at volumio dot org .
If you can assist with the translation, then we can do it. Currently we have to do: Spanish, Portuguese and German translations

I am obliged to use Google Translate, or rather Deep, my English is very deficient, but I will still stop by to see what I can do.
Thanks for your answers, you’ve been very helpful.

Hey there, Spanish native here. Let me know how the skill development for volumio in spanish is going, or if there is a workaround for installing english skills on spanish alexa’s. Happy to help with a translation if that’s what it takes. Just started my virtuoso plan and would not like to miss out on this skill

Espero que tengas más suerte que yo.