Themes / Variant Development Help

Hi, I’m forked volumio to start working on a new Theme and Variants.

For now after a couple of minor hurdles I have the project running and building with my new theme (just a copy with a new name to test :unamused:

I had to chagne all the scss and html file prefixes for it to build, a bit boring but I suppose it helps not to confuse different theme files.

As for the variants it’s giving me a few headaches, since when I build the project it always resets the values of a few files and fails to compile due to path errors.

I’ve tried changing the following:
volumio.constant.js // .constant(“variant”, “helios”) // resets on build to volumio
/variants/helios // starts giving path errors on build
/variants/helios/helios-settings.json //
/variants/helios/helios-variant.scss //
/variants/helios/globals.scss // $theme:“astro”; $variant:“helios”; // $variant is reset to volumio on build

Volumio always seems to be expecting the variant to be volumio and reset it from the build script.

I also could not find where to map the Theme with the app functionality.
I can only find in settings/appearance/user interface layout design the options “classic” and “contemporary” which should map to the themes, but cannot find where to change the variant.

Some help will be much appreciated, as I could only find an old thread about variants being used per individual pi on the networkm but was confgured with php, so I’m assuming not entirely applying to current version :ugeek:

Thanks in advance, I’ll open a thread for the theme itself once it gains some shape and benefits from feedback.

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I too am interested in theme development. Is there a guide anywhere?

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