Theme Contemporary

Using the new Contemporary theme I can find the waiting line (in german: Warteschlange) or queue easily (arrow picture one). When I open Volumio by browser on my Fairphone 3 I also find the waiting line (arrow picture 2). But when I change to another page/topic of Volumio from there I can’t get back to the waiting line (arrow picture 3). The icon is missing. A bug of the mobile version?

Hey guys! I’m here to give some big news!

Update to the latest version of Volumio (Volumio 2.712) and check out all the perks of using the new User Interface we like to call the Contemporary Volumio UI.

This new version is available to ALL Volumio users. It’s free for all, just update it and you’ll get it right away.

To enable the Contemporary version of Volumio It’s super easy, just update to the latest version (Volumio 2.712) and by default the contemporary design will be applied on the UI.

Take a look around and see all the new perks of using the Contemporary Volumio UI, and if for whatever reason it does not work for you, do not worry because you can change back to the Classic version, just go on settings, appearance, and on the bottom of the page you can change the User Interface Layout Design.

Let us know what you think!

Oh and another news: We also released the Youtube Plugin! A full day of new releases!

PS: Since the released of the update yesterday we received some responses that the Spotify plugin does not work. This is because there are some issues with Spotify login at the moment, however, it’s unrelated to the update. For the time being the solution is to use Volspotconnect plugin