The wireless network is disabled at the beginning of the session. And more

Two problems already reported with Volumio 3.182 on Rasp 3, with Allo Boss and plugin RP, DSP:
1- When starting, the connection to the wireless network is disabled. Once I enable it, after a few reboots it disconnects again. It is not a problem with my network as someone suggested, I have two Volumio devices connected to it, one with Volumio 2 which never had this problem and one with Volumio 3 which always does. Before, having Volumio 2 on this device, it never had this problem.
2- The volume at the beginning has a higher level than the one determined in the setup (I suppose it is the last volume used), after a few seconds it returns to the one determined in the setup.


Is there a way to know if the reported problems are taken care of? At least they are noted to solve them? I don’t know if I’m reporting to the wrong site, but I’ve been reporting the same issues for a long time and I have no sign of them being addressed.

I don’t know, I only know that 3.182 was not a released version and not many may have downloaded it.
Make sure you are on a released version, describe your issue, add a log to it and post it in the help section with “Volumio 3” attached to the title.