The Official Volumio iOS App is now available

Hi Everyone,
as you know lately we released our Android app, to allow a more convenient Volumio experience. Of course, since our experience in apps is limited, we’re constantly improving it and you will see it becoming better and better in the following months.

The Android app has also been a way to get funds into the project, that is costing us more funds as time goes by (the project is becoming huuge, and so do server costs, development costs and bills).

So, here’s the great news: Volumio now also has an official iOS app! What this app will do currently:

  • Compatible with iPad and iPhone
  • Will automatically find your volumio device on the network
  • You can enjoy Volumio in full screen mode, saving precious space from the address bar

To celebrate it, we decided to offer it for free for a week (until 30th of August 2017), after it will cost the minimum price (1.09 euros).
I strongly invite everybody to try it, give our feedback, and if you like it to rate it 5 stars (this will help our project).

Any feedback is welcome, enjoy!


Done! Looks and works great!

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If there’s more than one device on the local network, is there a way to select between them, or will the app just control whichever one pops up first?

Yes, if there is more than one, the app will control the one which pops up first. After, you can choose the device with the multiroom selector.

Ah. I see.

It wasn’t at all obvious that the splash page scrolls down.

For some reasons, the “Select a player” page only shows one player on start up. The same happens in “Change player.” I’m not sure where to scroll down for multiroom selector.

The “app” looks almost exactly like what you would see if you accessed the web interface in Safari on your iPhone. You’ll find the multiroom selector, in the app, exactly where you’d find it in Safari/iOS.

I don’t have safari so where is it? Sorry. i’m trying to find it on my android device

If you could make iPad application - working in horizontal layout, and using whole screen.
That would be good thing.

Using iPhone as remote is quite OK, but for older person (like me) bigger screen is better.


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Thank you for this app. Unfortunately it hangs on my iPad searching for device.