The new Raspberry Pi is the cheapest yet, costing just $20

It just gets better! However, I suspect the audio will be just as bad as the model B+, so a DAC will be needed for best sound quality.

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I was just looking at it and i was thinking this could make the best portable audio player available :ugeek:

It uses 20% to 25% less power than the original A and has the perfect size to fit a HAT on.
Only now there should be a DAC HAT with buttons and a screen…

Calling IQaudIO and Hifiberry…

Will the Pi-DAC+ and the HiFiBerry DAC+ I2S DACs fit the new model A+?

So, we can o can’t use iq pi-dac :slight_smile:

the DAC + versions are made according to the HAT specifications. This is made to fit all + versions of the raspberry Pi. So yes it should work, there shoudnt be a difference between the B+ and A+ accept from the obvious missing usb and lan

I have to ask.
With no Ethernet access available on the A+ is there a simple way to configure a wifi dongle? Perhaps using a config file?

take a look at this thread: raspberry-which-model-t2105.html

if you are a linux user it should be easy.
if you use windows or an apple pc you must connect the pi to a monitor and a keyboard and then you can configure your settings.