The display shows login.

I have set up Volumia and can also control it via the Android app.
I connected an 8 "display to the Ri3b + via HDMI.
Everything is displayed there, including the Volunio start screen.
Then comes a picture with the request Volumio login:
I entered “Volumio”,
then comes the password: I entered “volumio2”
The password is wrong.
Can someone tell me how I can unlock the screen, the operation via the app works, only on the screen nothing is displayed except the wrong password.
thank you

You have to install the plugin “touch display” in order to get something.

Thank you for your help.
I forgot to write that I connected an 8 inch display via HDMI.
I installed the driver, of course it cannot work.
as I said I have an ad.
Volumio login:
and then

Then I can’t get any further.