Thank You! for version 3!

Hi there,

just wanted to say THANK YOU to the Volumio team for the release of version 3! All the problems i had before with browsing my external 2tb harddrive have vanished into thin air. Everything works great now: i can browse my musiccollection and listen to the albums with no hassle. This is a great improvement since with version 2 i always had to re-read the complete drive or copy selected albums to a smaller drive. BUT NOW Volumio is not only the best sounding OS/player i know (and i compared it very carefully with other solutions) but it is also 100% useable!

I am running Volumio on an old X230 Thinkpad on SSD with a Denon 300 USB Dac and everything works out of the Box. Another Issue that improved drastically is the Scrolling with the touchpad through the music collection which never was satisfying in version 2. Now it works like a charm.

Thank you for the good work and greetings from Berlin


Thanks for sharing those good vibes!