Testing Volumio - USB issue

Hi all,
i’m i just start testing Volumio on Rasp PI B with the embedded audio jack. All is ok with airplay and soon i’ll test dlna.
The problems came with usb storage media:

  1. They are not automatically mounted
  2. When RaspPI starts with usb storage media connected, they are correctly mounted (i checked via ssh) but “Music Library” on the WebGUI side is empty. Only once i saw the “USB” folder icon, but i was unable to browse it, simply didn’t happen nothing when i clicked. I tried with a small 2Gb Fat32 USB stick containing about 10 files (2 films, 4 mp3, 3 flac and a couple of directories) and with a big 1Tb Ext4 external USB disk containing tons of music and films.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.


An update after more testing.

  1. Automount seems to work correctly (peraphs in the first test the RaspPI was too busy and i didn’t wait enough)
  2. Browsing “Music Library” stops at “USB” dir level, i can add media contents from the 3-stripe button on the right (“Add to queue”), but i’m still unable to browse the directory tree.
  3. Airplay and DLNA work well, they are mixed if used simultaneously with other sources.

My questions:

  1. Is there a way to browse the directory tree of a usb stick and select single media files?
  2. Is there a way to unmount a usb stick?


Also need to know.