Testing Needed for I2S DACs

Quick follow on to my own post above:
I rebooted and went to trial playing with 96kHz/24 bit flac files and they are playing fine
indeed, I can go back and play the same 192kHz/24 bit concerto that caused the problem earlier and there is no hang.
So maybe things are working better.
I will continue tests. I had once glitch at 192kHz/24 bit flac play back. But now have had about 20 minutes of solid play back alternating between ogg, and flacs at 96kHz/24bit, and 192kHz/24bit

Will I get this update if I update in the settings?

No, you must reflash. When I know this works, I’ll release an update (I’m investigating how to do that without creating security risks, since we need superuser privileges…

I’m not sure where to file the report about what appears to be a regression in the files that volumio 1.51 handles.
On 1.41, my m4a files are handled smoothly but they are not played on 1.51. Does this go with volumio or does the bug report go upstream with the mpd system?

Some more results:-


Great, that’s so useful. Deploying new image as official one

great news!

what is recommended for those of us that did downgrade kernel as of instructions?

is it safe to stay with this version or is it better to reflash? what about future updates?


If you manually downgraded, just stay where you are, you’re actually up to date! :wink:

Hi Michelangelo,
I re-did some test with Volumio 1,51 and I 've got the same problem than with 1.5 patched (as you wrote) : with 16bits flac file I hear a quiet background crackling (as soon as play start). With the same track but at 24bits no problem! With volumio 1.4 it’s ok 16bits or 24bits.
My dac ess9023 from audiophonics
Raspberry PI B
Thank you

HifiBerry Digi+ and Raspberry Pi B+ /w optical wire doesn’t work.

The Schiit Modi does work instantly after restart.

Haven’t updated the kernel. Will do now. Have a fresh 1.5 image :slight_smile: (updating later)

hello Gitaarwerk,

i have a raspberry pi b+ with hifiberry digi+ linked via optical to my onkyo receiver and everything works fine.
did you activate i2s for the digi+ in volumio? the shiit modi is usb, so does not require to.


Hi Oskar,

Thanks for the reply. Hmm… I activated the “Digi”. There was no “Digi+” in it. Is there a step I’m missing?

hello gitaarwerk,

driver for digi and digi+ is the same, so yes, activating digi is correct.

sorry, but i don’t know what else it could be.


You should reboot…

I wish that helped. I think I’ve made a couple of mistakes perhaps. I will reinstall the image and retry.

I had the problem that I could not play high resolution files (24bit/96Khz) files (they sounded like everything was doubled).

Anyway, 1.5 with the patch above fixed the problem.

Raspberry Pi B with HifiBerry DAC.

Thanks a lot, Volumio is an awesome product !


Just tested 1.51 with B+ and Hifiberry+. I don’t have access to all my files right now (home network wiring upgrade in progress), but 24/96 files are playing fine now. I’m glad, but a little confused. Michelangelo, as I understand it, using 1.51 should be no different than 1.5 with the updates applied per your instructions. I did them carefully, on a fresh 1.5 image, and it wouldn’t play 24/96 (or any 24 bit) files, but 1.51 is fine. If that’s helpful info, there it is.

Thanks very much for making all this happen. :slight_smile:


P.S. UPDATE: Got my files back. 24/44.1, 24/48, 24/88.2, 24/96, and 24/192 all playing fine.

I’ve flashed the new 1.51 version and now all seem to sound fine !!!
Thanks Michelangelo!


Raspberry Pi Model B & Hifiberry DAC

I upgraded 1.5 with the instructions at the beginning of this thread.

16-44 ok
24-88.2 no sound
24-96 playing fast and skipping
24-192 no sound
32-192 plays fine as it did on 1.5

The 1.51 image wouldn’t load the webui for me. I tried stopping and starting mpd, stopping mpd and removing the state folder and contents and rebooting but no joy.

Any idea why I’m seeing different results to others?

UPDATE: Reverting back to 1.4 and everything plays fine.



PS: Love the volumio software so kudos to all involved.

Hi Michelangelo.
Here my configuration:
Raspberry Pi B, Audiophonics I-Sabre DAC ES9023 Raspberry Pi / I2S configured as HiFiBerry.

Upgraded kernel following the instructions in Your post and installed version 1.51. Here the results:

16 - 44.1 fine
24 - 44.1 fine
24 - 48 fine
24 - 88.2 fine
24 - 96 fine
24 - 192 fine

Thank You!