Testing a plugin before it is published

I have updated my plugin to work with Volumio 3. Despite stumbling around for days, my knowledge/experience with git hub is very minimal.

To my surprise however, I have finally managed to upload the plugin to my git hub volumio-plugins-sources page(fork?).

To help me sleep at night and not worry that I’m causing headaches for the Volumio plugin team I would like to test the plugin.

I have tried to start from scratch, with a newly flashed card and used ‘Volumio plugin init’ to retrieve the plugin. I’ve then needed to create the appropriate directories in ‘data/plugins’ to ‘refresh’ into. This all seems to work but the plugin fails to initialise properly.

Fingers crossed that it is my retrieval that is wrong, and the plugin is ok.

Is there a proper way to test the plugin?

Just put all files required (no node module) for your plugin in a folder (on your your device). From this directory, just use “volumio plugin install” to get it installed.
That’s it!

Thank you. I remembered from before that the .zip file was not wanted in the upload but the node modules have been uploaded as well as my files. Should I remove them from the git hub folder?

Yes. No zip. No node modules. :wink:

Here you can find an handy checklist. Check all items before submitting.

This is the procedure we follow to validate your plugin :wink:

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Many thanks. I had read and followed the list, it’s just the getting to grips with GitHub that I struggle with.

Maybe a ‘GitHub for dumber than dummies’ list is needed! :upside_down_face:

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