Anyone have any experience with the newer DAC from Terratechnos, the Terra-berryDAC3? I’m especially interested in results running it HAT with the Raspberry Pi 4b, and how you managed cooling.


ok, just got the Terra-BerryDAC3.

first, volumio (2.703) said there is no I2S hardware…
But it runs now.
I am running it with Terra-BerryDAC2 driver.
no hardware volume control - so i turned software volume control on.
very present. Powerful bass. clear heights.
that will be a good competitor for the next soundcheck in march :smiley:
anyone here also have the TB3 and is having some sound tweaks for the TB3?


rpi 4,combo 384, tb3
volumio usb to combo 384

Hi Shanhw1978,

So one has to switch I2S off to get the choice for using the Amanero board, and on again for use the Raspberry as a source ?
Right ?

Best Regards

Hi Josh2000

use rpi 4 as the playback source and output to combo 384 via usb.
tb3 is installed on rpi 4 to access tb3 through serial port

Through combo 384 with tb3 .
it can play native dsd file with volumio.