Terra-Berry DAC2 Review

I was following Mark_jpn and assembled an USB detoxer (insane?) for my TerraBerry2… :wink:
I toke an “usb breakout board male dip” and soldered the capacitor and resistor. (0.01µF,100 Ω)


For separate power connect i found a 2x5V power supply (2,1A each) (Thel NT-25HQ-09)
thel-audioworld.de/module/NT … Q.htm#NT25
Maybe someone here does have experience with it?

Hi Judydudi!

Here did he get USB detoxer pcb? has been able to prove the result, I am very interested. Is it good just to isolate usb from rj45 or is it also good to isolate a usb from the others usb connectors?

Regarding their power supply he looks very interested, I am also interested in knowing feedback.

Best regards.

Hi Jazz,

i would think to put on every open usb port a terminator to reduce influences…
a pcb board ready soldered with the male usb connector is easy to get.
just google “usb breakout board male dip” and you find some for 1-3€ a pcs.
ebay.de/itm/5PCS-Male-USB-zu … 2061183120
ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-type-A-t … 2286918149
ebay.de/itm/USB-Adapter-an-D … 2319376194 (this is mine)
the resistor was 0,11€ each.
conrad.de/de/metallschicht- … 89756.html

and the capacitor 0,38€ each.
conrad.de/de/mkp-folienkond … 50565.html
(The pin distance of 7,5 mm here is optimal)

i ordered the psu now and let you know.


Thank you very much Judydudi. Very attentive to your tests with power supply. I think I’ll buy the 4 Amp version without a trafo, in my experience it’s better to oversize anda best trafo.


you see here my case for the TerraBerry DAC 2 with two DC connectors and a beautiful sticker;-)

TerraBerryDAC2inCASE.jpg(It’s the HifiBerry case)

The case looks great! The mod seems simple enough as a weekend project. Thanks very much as I was wondering what kind of case would work with the Terra-berry DAC2 this morning. I ordered the DAC2 based on this thread (some very useful comments, by the way). I found it intriguing that it has the capability to convert PSM to DSD on the fly and deliver via DoP. The DAC2 arrived yesterday and it plugs-and-plays (just need to move my CPU heat sink off eighth of an inch). Without burning-in nor any mods, the DAC2 sounds quite promising right out of the gate. I’ve just ordered connectors, jumper caps and of course the case mentioned earlier in this thread. Can’t wait to pair it up with the Magni 3 and LCD-2 combo. Will report back.


The parts had arrived and the mod were straightforward. With a linear power supply to the DAC2, the noise floor is total silence to my ears. (The voltage regulator had already done a great job with a 5V 2.5A Linear PSU even before I separated the power supply to the DAC2.)

While it plays DSD 2.8MHz via DoP fine, I encounter errors when playing DSD 5.6MHz (and higher) via DoP (I have the two jumper caps on for SW1 and SW2 with green LED1 and LED2 on). When I turned Volumio settings to DSD Direct, 5.6MHz files play fine. Just wondered if the Volumio’s UI - DSD Direct vs. DoP setting matters now that I have SRC output set to DSD (with SW1 and SW2 set as ON)?



Ok, I heard back from Terratechnos. I was told that 2.8MHz DSD files via DoP (DoP frame clock: 176.4KHz) is the best that the DAC2 + RPi + Volumio combo can do due to the limit of the frame clock (192KHz) of the kernel (even though DAC2 is supposed to be able to process higher quality DSD files). I will have to look for something else with an Advanced kernel to pair with DAC2 for my double and quad DSD music files.


It’s just a thought but the Asus Tinkerboard comes to mind, mostly 'cos HiFiBerry now support their boards on it. That’d suggest that you should be able to interface the DAC2 without too much trouble…

Chris M

i see there is a new Terra-Berry DAC2+
does anyone know the difference between Terra-Berry DAC2 and Terra-Berry DAC2+ ?
Thanks you.

The web page looks the same as for the DAC2. I think it might be just the name for the DAC2 board plus the RCA board.
On the other hand, the Volumio page calls it the DAC2+ board and lists the RCA board separately. It still weighs 100kg though :laughing:

The difference is just a different type of coupling capacitor, to minimize their vertical height.
Quoting from Yuichi-San:

And another change is that it will not be 100kg anymore, since we’ll fix the product page weight :smiley:

thanks, so i’m glad to have the heavy weight version :smiley:

Hi all,

I am annoyed by the pop noise created with Terra-berry DAC2+, when switching from Flac/Wav(PCM) file to DSD file, or from DSD to DSD, after speaking to the manufacturer, I reckon it would be improved on a software level, their idea is below,

"Whether adding a function to operate from the serial port exclusively for TBDAC 2+ depends on the idea of each distribution.

Pop noise in DSD playback should be avoided by issuing the mute command during SKIP / STOP operation of mpd. "

I would like to ask if any encounter this issue and do you have any setting that could help?

Would Mr. Michelangelo please help to amending/add a code to issue the mute command during SKIP / STOP operation of mpd?

Thank you very much.

Just wanted to report back to this thread on the situation above. Upon the installation of 2.389, the updated kernel seems to do the trick for 5.6 and 11.28 DSD files. I then upgraded to RPi 3B+ and everything is smooth like silk. The power supply seems to be critical. For double and quad files, I have to use 3A or above.


I know this thread is a couple years old, so I’m late to the party. Better late than never! :slight_smile: Glad to see the T-B DAC2 has a small following with myself being among them. I really like the ‘velvet sound’ of the AKM4490EQ chip. Until my latest (more advanced DAC build), the T-B was in my primary listening system. I was using 2 separate LPSes and that was an improvement over an SMPS.

I’m now playing with a Combo384, XMOS daughter board that interfaces via USB. This is a nice option to have available and the sound is equally as impressive. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is, once the Combo384 has been plugged into the HAT header, I’d like to be able to switch between USB and I2S (network), either in software (or manually). My findings are, once the XMOS daughter card is in place on the T-B HAT, it takes over and all input is via the USB. Has anyone tried using the Combo 384 PCB with the T-B? Results?

BTW, I use roon as my primary digital source via a NUC and NAS box.


I believe there were more improvements around the PS grounding. It’s really too bad this little DAC hat did not get better marketing. One of the better sounding HATs I own, and that’s just about all of them! :slight_smile: Earlier this year I added a PSU jack for an LPS directly to the DAC. Oh that AKM ‘velvet sound’.


Thank you for the update, redjr
I regret a bit , that the DAC was not placed better in my soundcheck. The board is very well processed. But v1 was never placed best, even with dual LPS, from soundcheck listeners. The DAC is special. Maybe I’ll get a version2 from Terraberry marketing to compare again. :wink:
Also, you are welcome to take your device to one of our soundchecks in hamburg :wink:

Been a while since this was commented on. Picked one up used this week. It’s an absolute delight. Streaming from a Pi 3B, dual PSU’s. Full DSD out put. Delightful.