Temperature cpu Raspberry

Hi I would know if it’s possibile to add an application for Volumio to check the temperature of Raspberry cpu.
Many thanks in advance

For Android you can use RaspManager: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cea.raspmanager

perfect thanks

Does it work for you?
For me Raspmanager states it’s connected to the RPi/volumio, but doesn’t show anything.

It is necessary to activate SSH.

I have activated ssh.

Oh 62℃

I believe it works for you (even without the picture) :slight_smile:
I am annoyed because I don’t know why it doesn’t for me…
Do you need to enter sudo password? Or just ssh password?

Is there a difference between root and ssh password? I have entered both (I think “volumio”).

I did the same, but still nothing… this is silly.
Edit: Tried to connect to one of my other rpi’s running home assistant and I get the same problem, so it appears this isn’t related to volumio.