Talking about quality... Ethernet or Wifi?


First of all congratulations for the nice work you’ve done with Volumio. Raspyfi was already a great job, but you have definitely taken a step forward.

I have to say I’m a devote audiophile, my equipment is based on Exposure 3010s2 amp + Sigma T-11 Speakers (great Italian audiophile brand btw) so you can imagine I’m expecting to get a high quality experience with raspberry. That’s why I have just ordered HiFiBerry DAC ( which I hope to receive soon. So far I use the analog output and the source of music is a Synology NAS inside the LAN.

My question is: I have read somewhere that using the raspberry wifi connection it generates a lower noise level compared with the ethernet cable. Is that true? I ask it 'cause using the wifi dongle I get sound gaps of 3-4 seconds each 5 minutes, whilst through the ethernet cable it works flawless. Is there a way to solve these sound gaps? Have to say that is the only wifi adaptor inside the LAN, so don’t think troubles are related with wifi connection management from the router.


See here (reply from the HiFiBerry guy): … ost3752101

same here. nobody?

Hi,this is probably a problem of your in house wifi.
Might it be that you have concurring Access points on the same channel ?
On cubox-i and two raspis i do not have these timeouts.

I was having this problem last week. one of my neighbours was using the same wifi channel as me. I used an android app to check out the channels in my house where the pi’s are stationed. changed it from ch5 to ch12 and noe all’s good - no dropouts with mp3’s or flac’s

yeah. problem solved. i changed my router channel bandwidth from 20/40 to 40MHz only and i also switched channel from AUTO to channel 11.