Am I right in saying that mpd (and therefore volumio) ignores tags in music files and simply uses file names?

My music is in oddly named folders, possibly a result of the original rippers decisions. However logitech media server sorts it all out for me.

When I browse music in volumio I just seem to get a folder view. Or am I doing something wrong?

Yes, in webui you get folder view… Which could be unconfortable. However, you can use mpdroid, mpod or sound@home as clients, or GMPC on windows… They will see your files with metatags!
Let me know

Thank you. I went to bed last night with mpd updating it’s database. I have a 97G musoic collection accessed over cifs on a wired network. Mixed flac and mp3.

This morning the web gui still has “updating” at the bottom right, and browsing to NAS/Music, it is only up to G in the folders on the server. top shows load average at 1.45 and mpd at 25% cpu, cifsd at 20%.

My pi is only 256M model, do I need a 512?

Now I have rebooted and there is only webradio when I click browse.