Tag bug

Looking at it


EDIT: The artist images are working now, it took a while though…

This album tag bug however is a MAJOR issue for me :frowning:

Still not resolved?

Still no news?

Be patient, we have a todo list and some things take longer than others.

Look guys, I really appreciate your work and have been a myVolumio subscriber for a while. But I don’t think this response along with the one I received in my inbox is very professional at all.

This bug was initially reported over a month ago and all I have done is ask for an update a couple of times as its a pretty serious bug effecting a core feature.

To come at me via this forum and private message calling me ‘a disgrace,’ ‘spoiled brat’ and saying ‘who do I think I am’ is surprising if I am honest. Good job I work as a CTO for a company in the software business as well so I know how to deal with moaning developers when customers report bugs… :laughing: :laughing:

I know Volumio is free and your time is your own… However you do offer MyVolumio, along with the Primo so you are in fact running a business.

Come on guys, I love your product, appreciate all your time and all I wanted was an update on this crippling bug.

I’ll be making a christmas donation. To help support this great project.

Guys, I have recorded a quick video showing you what this bug looks like.

youtube.com/watch?v=_N2iyZe … e=youtu.be

You see I try and choose a Bob Marley album, Exodus from the artists browser, however it appears empty and I am unable to click the back button, an error occurs. However I can click the home button.

When I browse to the same album via Album view I can see it properly.

Hope this helps.

I sincerely apologize

Its ok, no hard feelings, and I appreciate the PM as well.

Keep up the good work :mrgreen:

Thanks for this! This will help us troubleshoot and fix it. Unfortunately not before a couple of weeks.

No problem, is there any logs or extra info I can provide that will help?

Sending the log will definetely help (do it after it does not play):
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html

Done immediately after the album doesn’t display and me clicking the back button as shown in my video.


I see that the /var/log/volumio.log doesn’t show anything useful. The only error line in the log below is when I click the back button. No errors when the album appears empty.

2019-12-10T08:15:26.155Z - info: CURURI: artists://
2019-12-10T08:15:37.581Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: mpd , handleBrowseUri
2019-12-10T08:15:37.582Z - info: CURURI: artists://Bob%20Marley%20%26%20The%20Wailers
2019-12-10T08:15:38.857Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: mpd , handleBrowseUri
2019-12-10T08:15:38.858Z - info: CURURI: artists://Bob%20Marley%20%26%20the%20Wailers/Exodus
2019-12-10T08:15:38.877Z - info:
2019-12-10T08:15:50.464Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: mpd , handleBrowseUri
2019-12-10T08:15:50.465Z - info: CURURI: artists://Bob%20Marley%20%26%20the%20Wailers
2019-12-10T08:15:50.502Z - info:
2019-12-10T08:15:50.504Z - error: Failed to execute browseSource: Error

Just fixed it :wink: Thanks for reporting
github.com/volumio/Volumio2/com … d54f15ef0e

Hey there!

Still not working here :frowning:

Which logs can I send you to help?


I works if you select option\select source\sort artist by\ ALBUMARTIST. If you select ARTIST then it does not work if ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST tags are different.

Hi guys,

Is this bug on your todo list? I can’t use volumio since about 2 months because of it… :frowning:




This bug is still unresolved, despite several updates.

Capture d’écran du 2020-03-14 10-50-57.png




This bug is still not solved on version 2.853 (11/2020), despite several updates !

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