T-amp with I2S

Hello forum, someone know a T class amp with I2S connection for volumio ?

Yes - it is a D class I think. I’m testing polyvection d class amp with ti1500 dac.

According to Wikipedia:

I don’t see anything that points out if those are still being made sice Tripath went bankrupt.

I don’t think there would be a amp that takes i2s as input, that is a digital connection so you would need an amp with built-in DAC

Well - apart from t/d class terminology - polyvection’s amp actually takes i2s and power and makes speaker output out of it:) you just need a power supply for the amp part. Dac power can be fed from rpi directly. Of course - better ps is better :slight_smile:

Some suggestions…
and surely plenty of other :wink:

Have a look at this one; seems to be great! polyvection.com/shop/plainamp/