T amp setup results

Can anyone share their experiences about Volumino setup with T amps? How does the combination go? I plan to setup a Rasberry pi player and hook it to my Topping Tp20 T amp .

Should work nicely, have the SMSL SA-50 2x50W hooked up to the raspberry in my gym.
But make your own choice. It always belongs to your own taste…

I am using my rpi/volumio with an indeed ta2021s + HiFimeDIY usb Sabre 2 + psm3 pdu + monitor audio bronze b2 and the result is fine!

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My RPi sounded good through my Lepai amp into some Overnight Sensation loudspeakers last night. Nice to my ears with just the RPI’s analog out. I am looking forward to hooking up a “real” DAC.

Should work very nicely with the Tp20.