System Update -> Update Failed

Hi All,

Let me ask You :

How to do volumio update - but keep all my settings ( music library and belonging folders mapping, plugin setting and modification …) utouched, or at least mainly untouched ( without to need to do always re configuration / re mapping / re scanning at every update) ?

I asked this because :

  • I’m on version 2.698

  • the device is odroid C2

  • I have a really large music database with 9 folders mapped

  • 12 installed plugins ( and configured)
    . and on top of it some “custom” modifications are applied on few plugins ( IR Remote, GPIO Buttons)

  • custom background image

  • When I try to do update via Settings / System Updates / Check Updates :

  • it is correctly visible that the new version is ( was) available ( currently the 2.724 - but the same was true for previous versions)

  • Pressing the button Update Now result in :

  • Update Failed

  • System Software Integrity check failed, manually edited files were detected. System Software Update is not possible under those circumstances. Please execute a Factory Reset od Delete User Data, then retry.

Therefore I alwas cancel the update, and pray that he next version will allow such update :slight_smile:

Update in this way ( to keep all setting, or just a litle to re configure) is important to me, because for my set up I need almost one whole day …

Yes, I know that currently we have ( or will have in closest future) a lot of time at home doing nothing, because of Coronavirus, but I hope that You will not answer me in this way :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Best Regards, and Take care of yourself, your family, friends and all peoples around You !

I would try this:
Save the folder /data
Factory reset
Restore /data
Maybe the plugin “backup” help to save (but not tested)


thank You balbuze !

I did as You Proposed … but bad luck :slight_smile:

I made a complete copy of /data folder to INTERNAL storage.
And I did backup with backup pluging, it was saved to INTERNAL storage to, in .tar fromat. ( size are around 700 MB, and manual /data bacup is around 900 MB in size.)
Then I did factory reset, then update … and …
… all data from INTERNAL were disapear - gone … :slight_smile:
I had no another choice, I reinstall and reset all my configurations, modification and music library from scratch ( i took one whole Sunday). Luckily I made one detailed installation manual …

So My current version is now 2.724, but from yesterday there is another update : 2.725 … :slight_smile:
Next Time - when I will do update - I will copy contents of INTERNAL folder to my PC :slight_smile:
I will never gave up :slight_smile:

Best regards,