Synology NAS - NFS to PI works, NFS to PC does not

Hi downloaded Volumio for PI and for PC.

Synology NFS rights and squash are setup.

PI connection to synology works. Connects immediately.
Same appoach from PC does not work. It gives me an orange warning with access denied issue. I have allowed the whole range to connect via ip range with netmask.

Any tips?

Hi Lupo123, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

Well some details might make things easier. :wink: What versions of Volumio are you using, and how are your NFS rights set (exactly as you see them in the NAS configuration)?

Thanks for the quick response. I downloaded the latest version of volumio this morning. I followed your quide on the synology, I have a share called volume1/music. Let me upload a screenshot

The NAS has the IP, the two volumio’s are called VolumioPI and VolumioPC and have IPs and

Works fine on the VolumioPI (Raspberry PI)

Do you have the path set to music/Hires on the RPi too, because this is not actually the path to the shared folder (shared folder on the NAS is volume1/music)?

What is the number missing from your screenshot of the authorised clients (

P.S. I’m really struggling to make out the smaller details on some of your screenies. A little bit clearer would have been good. :wink:

And would you share some system logs please?

Preferable from a fresh reboot, with minimal steps to reproduce the problem :slight_smile:

This is to exclude any underlying PC kernel/image problems.

The share on the NAS is volume1/music. There are five subfolders (sonos, M4A, WMA, MP3, HiRes)

On the PC and the PI i connect to the identical shares (

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I swapped the PC hardware and made a clean usb disk flash from the image. So its not the hardware.

What I do see is a that the PI has \\music\hires and connects

whereas the PC shows


I tried it with just Muisc that also did not work
. Possibly there is a bug

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Where are the logs on the volumio, do I neet to ssh into the system or how do I download them?

Sorry, my first day here and it wont let me post for another 18 hrs.

Right, I read the logs on my PI and my PC. On the PI it said it connected with cifs. So I checked the Synology settings and minimum protocol set to SMB2. I changed this to SMB1. Then the PC could connect.

That means it is not connecting via NFS, but via CIFS (SMB).

So now its over to the developers - why is there a difference between the PI and the x64 version of your image? For the x64 one needs to set the protocol level down to SMB1 whereas the Pi version accepts SMB2.

PI and X86 have different kernels, the defaults are obviously not the same.
Pity you did not create logs, it makes things so much easier.

Here you go

Ah, now I get it, you are running the “old” version Volumio 2 which has an 8 year old kernel version (3.18.25).
Next time give us the Volumio version number and don’t say “latest”.
Default PC kernel SMB version settings in 3.18.25 are different from the current PI kernel version (4.19.y) and cannot be changed.
In case this is an issue for you, then please use Volumio 3 beta for x86.
(Volumio 2 for x86 will not get any kernel updates).

You will have to l