Sync interpolator issue

I’m using Udoo quad core as hardware.
Changing the interpolator to best quality it will remain fast quality.
Anyway with udoo and my weiliang xmos ak4399 dac If I setting up upsampling to 192 I have occasional pops.
I don t need really to upsampling nothing :slight_smile:

Inviato dal mio SM-N9005 utilizzando Tapatalk

Well, after a reboot seem vanished the pops, ok for upsampling in udoo quad core.
The issue remain seem no way to use best interpoletor.

Inviato dal mio SM-N9005 utilizzando Tapatalk

Same here,
there`s no way to get the Udoo to upsample anything except in the fastest interpolator mode.

Also: rebooting doesn`t get the Udoo back up.

All in all i think we need to ask when the 1.1. version for Udoo is going to be released?