Switching between DACS in Volumio

Does anyone have any experience with having two DACS connected to your Pi4 and switching between the two using Volumio?

So my set up includes a Volumio PI4 connected to: 1) a SMSL DAC via USB which then connects to my Peachtree NOVA 150 amplifier via analog inputs, and secondly 2) the NOVA 150 directly via USB from the PI. Both work well. However, I llike to compare and when I switch DACs using the Volumio drop down playback interface, while Volumio will display the connected DAC, sometimes it works but often times it will lock up Volumio and not allow anything to play. And it is Volumio because while you can select a song, it simple will not play or plays with no volume.


Quick question : do you use Volumio 2 or Volumio 3 ?


I am all up to date on Volumio, in fact a new one just came today.


Did it solved your problem?

Because from several reports, it appears that Volumio 3 came with some problems.
Personnally I switched back to Volumio 2.917. It seems to be more stable that Volumio 3 and to handle those kind of things better than Volumio 3 does.

So, unless Volumio 3 has features you can not live without, I would suggest to try to install Volumio 2 and see if that helps solving your problem.


Thanks, I will try it later today and report back. It could also be that Peachtree doesn’t play nice with Volumio. I know PS Audio doesn’t necessarily support Volumio and Peachtree just talks about Windows and Mac support.

Appreciate your comments!

That was a LONG time ago. V3 is stable and supported.

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Well, for me that was up until this morning.
So not really “A long time ago” from my own experience :frowning:
But of course, experiences may differ.

So I am on v3.429 and I have now switched back and forth via the two DACs twice now and have not had to reboot. So I am optimistic. I still have to come out of the playlist and start over but that is OK. So far so good!

I will add this. I have not had to reboot my Pi4 since I installed v3.429. I have switched DACs, turned DACS on and of, switched sources on my Nova150 etc etc.,

Great job @volumio!