Switch from raspyfi 1.0 to Volumio ?


I’m using Raspyfi 1.0 with great pleasure (raspberry, amanero USB to i2s, and i2s DAC (ES9023), independant linear PSU for every parts.
Music (90% 16 bits, 44 kHz) on a NAS (ALAC files). Hi res files are also played nicely without glitches.

Then I’m wondering if it’s worth to move to Volumio (latest beta release on march 6) since everything is working well. What do you think ? can I expect improvements of the sound ? (i.e. what are the key improvements from raspyfi 1.0 versus volumio 1.2b ?)

Here is a picture of my custom audio / video box (one pi with Raspyfi, one with openElec):