support with IR Remote Control Raspberry pi zero


I want basic control using IR remont control in WiFi-free volumino

I solder TSOP4838 in I2C and 3,3V as in post how-installed-lirc-with-receiver-and-remote-volumio-t360.html
Can someone point me how make it ?

Hey there,
I did something similar with musicbox where mopidy is used instead of mpd, but the same principles apply.

Have a look here for some tips to set it up: … mands/1257 … flirc/1100


The pHAT DAC uses GPIO 18 (pin 12) already for the I2S clock -

You need to use the new official IR remote plugin and use GPIO 25 (pin 22) instead.

See here for more details - remote-controller-feedback-thread-t6668-10.html