Support Linux-based filesystems for data partitions!

I would really like to see Linux-based filesystems support for data partitions.

I own a raspberry pi that i mainly use as input for my active hifi-boxes (via USB).

I have tested volumio two times now and think its great, BUT was very dissapointed when i found out, that volumio only supports FAT and NTFS as filesystems for data partions.
My ecosystem at home is all Linux-based, so my music is also stored on external harddrives using ext4. Of course I could format one harddrive to FAT and transfer the music (I did in fact), but then I get problems due to FAT restrictions in filenames.

So I was basically asking myself “Why does a Linux-based software like Volumio (that supports ext-filesystems for root partition) NOT support ext-based filesystems for data partitions? It must be a design restriction, not technical, but I dont get the reasons for that.”
Could you please enable ext (and maybe btrfs) support for the upcoming releases?

Until then I will have to stay with openelec, I guess (which of course supports ext and has a lot of features for video playback, I don’t need).

Actually, ext works… Just that the automounter only recognizes FAT and NTFS partitions (I assumed, wrongly as it seems, that everybody had their libraries on such FS) .
On Volumio2 every FS will be supported (at least most famous ones…)

Thank you for your statement!
This explains my experiences and I will try it out again then.

Guess I am part of a minority, huh? :wink:

Of course most people would use FAT for interoperability reasons. I would be no different at that point, but a few years ago when i changed my OS from WinVista to Ubuntu I also made a cut with my music collection. I had a lot of material copied from friends and quality was (very) mixed. So I erased everything and ripped my CDs again, using FLAC. All of my music was stored on my internal HD in the first place, using ext4.
Later I found out, that you can’t just copy files and directories from ext4 to FAT, because FAT does not support all characters for filenames. So my external HDs are also formatted with ext4.