support HFS+ with journaling option?


This is my first question. I have searched it, but I could not find.

Does Volumio support the HFS + file system(with journaling option)?
(It is OK even read-only.)

I use almost always Mac.
So if Volumio can recognize and read(/write) HFS + formatted HDD, it is very convenient for me.

Though I saw on the Web that Linux-besed OSs support HFS+, but even in that case, editing permission of the volume (or device?) is required for expected behavior, also I saw.

Someone will tell me how about Volumio?
I am hoping a revelation.


Device: CuBox-i 4×4 (not arrived yet, waiting for shipment)
Volumio version: 1.5 CuBox-i (already flashed SD card, but never yet booted.)
Connect Device(planned): USB HDD(3TB×2, already harsware-RAIDed;Mirroring), USB-DAC(AMI MUSIK DDH-1) or S/PDIF optical cable.