Support for USB CD player

I still have lots of CDs in my collection, but I actually don’t have a CD player (apart from my bluray player). I would love to be able to plug in any cheap USB CD transport and have Volumio recognize it and allow me to play back natively from it. It would make Volumio the ultimate multimedia platform for me, as I would basically never have to use anything else for music playback at home.

Sure would be nice to have. It seems there is some ripping work undergoing.
You may want to read this about some tentative support efforts.

Yeah, I read all the threads about trying to accomplish this before, but I think the best thing would be if the Volumio devs made a collective effort to implement it properly from the ground up.

The main obstacle I see is that MPD seems quite unwilling to easily support CD playback, forcing the use of virtual file systems and dynamically created playlists. If MPD supported CD playback natively, that would probably be the best, but Volumio would still have to make the front end aspect.

It seems to be supported through cdio_paranoia as per this. Of course UI integration (including getting CD tracks info and artwork) is a thing, but maybe some existing music services plugins can provide a useful canvas to bootstrap it.

I would also be interested in this and as soon as I can make it work from the command line I would be willing to cooperate on a plugin

Noticed @michelangelo bumped MPD to latest 0.20.4-1 last week.
Unsure it is built with CDIO_PARANOIA as Volumio’s “custom MPD” build recipe does not seem current: maybe @michelangelo can shed some light on this.
Any chance this recent update may happen to help with MPD CD playback support issue?

Yes, it has been compiled with cdio paranoia

Input plugins: file alsa archive curl ffmpeg smbclient nfs mms cdio_paranoia

As for the plugin, there might be some good news…

Wow, thanks for the great news!

PS: any chance build recipes for extra binary components such as MPD will be pushed in Build?

Sources of all binaries are already available, but not in the build repo (no sense to put them there)

Thanks for mpd custom build info

What a good teaser!..
Anything that can be played-with soon?

I’m a GREAT fan of volumio and using it every day !!!
It would be nice indead if there was an OFFICIAL plugin to use an external usb cd player !!!

Yes me too , I would love to see support added for a USB cd player, and possibly ripper added later too.
michelangelo, is this a current ongoing development?

I just registred to say, that I also really really need and want that feature. I actually read a little into creating plugins for volumio and I guess I could built one in a couple of weeks. But that would be nonsense if there’s something planned from the creators themselves. So a short info from michelangelo would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

interesting development here.

Me too :smiley:
I would love to see support added for a USB cd player(X86 with SATA), and possibly ripper added later too.

This would be SO cool!!

Many of you have asked for it, so we have spent many months developing this new product! :wink:

We are pleased to announce our new kickstarter project, NanoSound CD, An Upsampling CD Player & Lossless Audio Extractor which seamlessly works with your existing Nanosound and Volumio setup.

The software works with any Raspberry Pi DAC and any USB CD/DVD drive

Playback demo
Extraction demo

NanoSound CD is

  • an Audiophile Quality Upsampling CD Player which enhances the sound quality of CD by upsampling the digital audio signal from 44.1khz to 176.4khz
  • a lossless audio extractor which allows you to extract audio files including FLAC , Apple Lossless (m4a), wav with a single touch of button
  • volumio network audio player which play all kinds of audio files and support Spotify, Airplay, DLNA

Both upgrade from NanoSound DAC or Complete Unit are available. The project is now more than 150% funded.

Please support us by backing our kickstarter campaign!

4x upsampling.png
NanoSound CD settings.png

this is a great product. Is this a closed source plugin? Will it be public? I know you are selling it as a complete thing…but here we are more on the DIY-front :wink:

Hi, thanks for your complement. There will eventually be a public free version but will have less features. Our focus will be kickstarter backers initially, so we have not fully decided yet on what features will be less for free version.

We are targeting both complete thing and DIY. Therefore we have packages which suits for everyone , even non-nanosound DAC users:

  • NanoSound CD Software only (around 25USD)
  • NanoSound CD upgrade Kit for Developers (software + USB drive)
  • NanoSound CD upgrade Kit (software + USB drive + sdcard )
  • NanoSound CD Complete Unit (complete unit with everything)

Thanks to make this clear!